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02.12.2022 -20:15 Uhr
fck666 mit ASTRID GNOSIS (ES/GB) & LYNNMAYYA (SY/AT) Region:

In der noch rauen Umbau-Atmosphäre gibt es dazu zuerst Industrial Gabber und New School Hardcore von ASTRID GNOSIS (ES/GB), in den letzten Jahren u. a. gesehen beim Hyperreality 2019 auf der Sophienalpe in Wien, beim Club Transmediale Festival 2020 in Berlin oder im Werk in Wien beim Unsafe+Sounds 2022. Danach kommt als globaler Local-Support-Act LYNNMAYYA (SY/AT), deren feine Minimal Deep Techno Sets seit einiger Zeit die Linzer Klubs heimsuchen.

"Astrid Gnosis is one of those rare, one-of-a-kind artists whose work leaves a lasting impression on your mind. She throws you into a deeply unsettling universe, both uncomfortably perturbing yet weirdly engrossing. Colombian/Spanish-born and London-based, Gnosis is a multi-media artist who weaves dystopian soundscapes, blunt lyricism and brutal imagery to challenge human perception. When it comes to Gnosis" hybrid hardcore sound, there"s no sugar-coating and no pretentious nonsense, only progressive and uncompromising electronica with a socio-political tinge, designed to rip out humanity"s obliviousness to the world one beat at a time." (Silvija Daniunaite, subbacultcha.be)

"LynnMayya is a Syrian experimental visualist and sound artist who kicked started her career as a bassist in a rock band called Karma and they performed in Syria as the first female rock band in the country. Now she is based in Austria where she performs as a Techno DJ & Electronic Producer. In her DJ and live sets she plays lots of tracks, combining groovy minimal with dark-psy twist. As producer she is distinguished by using raw and playful synths and other digital and analog instruments."


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